by Amy Cubbison on March 21st, 2011

I am short tempered today and was yesterday and you know what that means………Hate it, only if it is a couple days a month. Today I was feeling somewhat blue but I attribute that to the dreary cold and rain. I had lunch with my friend visiting in town, which was nice but the rest of the day I just chilled at home in bed. I got up to make some homemade chicken noodle soup for my friend Hadley whom had surgery. I made a huge pot and that felt good> Now I am giving it to friends, family and neighbors. Gotta share……….Wills and I had a heart to heart the other night and I shed some tears on how much it is important for him to respect to me and talk to me with respect. I think he got the message because he has been utter sweet since then. ……He is on a health mission now that we signed him up for football. I saw a photo of him last year and I can not believe the change………….It is bitter sweet………….Kaylee was playing soccer with Jac today, in his old kleets. It was so cute to see her and her little legs. She said she grew because she ate a carrot yesterday. So today she ate a whole one. Pretty sad that is such a big occurence here. The kids loved my noodle soup and then I made them semi homemade ice cream sandwiches with funnel cake cookies and sprinkled powdered sugar. What a treat they said. Sort of reminds them or me of waffle ice cream sandwiches back east…….Sad to say my schiatic hurts today bad. I need to schedule my next epidural and then if not gone…..surgery………..I am wheening myself off the pain pills and that may have something to do with my erratic mood, plus a friend and I went our separate ways. Even when that is necessary it is sad……….I just dont really like to take medicine daily as i don’t like to drink daily or drink too much these days at all!! Clean living! In my mind, head, body and soul! Atleast trying.

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