Blast from the past

by Amy Cubbison on April 28th, 2011

Wow I just read some old blog entries I wrote. It is very interesting to hear myself when I read them. I do have to admit I do notice when my punctuation is so bad or spelling but ,,,,,,as I have repeated over and over again-my English professor in college told me to keep the creativity flowing just free write. For some reason that is stuck in my head. Sometimes it bothers me though…….Watching things about the royal wedding. Which reminds me Kaylee said she wants to be in beauty pageants……what? I tried to not shame her but comment on how smart she was, as to get it out of her brain. No offense I have a dear friend Charlene that won a lot but in general I don’t like them and everything poised and phony……….Wondering why I am blogging so much? I have a cold-so a cold, pms, and a terrible schiatica problem. Lovely……I am keeping my mind on the end of the road. My surgery is monday. I am visualizing how I am going to feel so much better right away as well as start my new life, bigger, better, and healthier………………Kaylee hid all her barbies the other day, when Jean was here with her boys. She said she did not want them to think she was little. She then did not bring them back out so I inquired. She told me that she had a nightmare about her barbies cutting their heads off and it creeped her out.. I think she needs to stop watching those gory video games William plays…………..Watching William on his hormonal adolescent trip is entertaining, challenging and interesting. I am learning to work with him and deal with it. I hate how he just dumps his stuff anywhere and keeps his room perfect. Nothing is allowed in there…………….After school today we went shopping at Target. William convinced me he needed new clothes. Now I long for the days where I couldn’t get him to change to save his life. ha ha. We sat down and ate french fries with mayonnaise and ketchup mixed up, in the sun. It was a nice little gem moment. I love being me with just my kids. I feel like I am Super mom in control, for the most part and I will and can take care of them. MInd you not always but today and many days and hopefully more to come. William was upset that they did not have his size in jeans. I was scolding him on being ungrateful and then I remembered when I was his age and how bad I wanted something and could not have it or get it. I hated waiting for things. I then tried to validate William’s feelings and not take it personally. I think it worked because he has been in a great mood ever since. He actually complimented me and our home tonight. I need to remember these tools…………..School is interesting and I am facing my writing paper fears. It is all about bounderies-my biggest challenge or use to be………Jac said to me today, “That every action he takes or thing he say’s , starts a chain of events.” I thought that was very profound and we had a discussion about that and I told him about movie “Sliding Doors.” I often wonder what would have happened if I took some other roads or options. ……………I am getting so sick of the way people are talking these days and in constant cliches. There seems to be no originality on tv shows or with people. Everyone has the same head wave, tone and funny expressions. I hope we move on and find some new things and then keep them coming . I hate to think that we all are going to talks in isms, and cliches…………………

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