by Amy Cubbison on April 27th, 2011

Is that how you spell braiding? Not sure but Kaylee is brushing my hair and trying to braid it. She told me I would be popular in school because my hair is so pretty from behind. Just her touch feels so nice of how gentle she is brushing my hair………..I hear someday she won’t want to hang out with me so much so I need to enjoy it so much………I just washed her hair and put shiny conditioner in it and brushed hers and it looks beautiful. She loves wearing these beautiful dresses that match her American girl doll. Did I tell you someone spilled the beans that her doll was an Americana doll from Target and not an American Girl doll. Great thanks!! Eighty dollars difference……She said how come grandparents spoil my friends and mine dont’ spoil me. I said,”They spoil you in different, bigger ways that you will realize someday.” …..Jac was asking me about how someone gets money? He was asking about inheritance, being an athlete etc…….I said,”Usually by hardwork.” My kids all say that all their friends live in Big, huge houses in Olivenhain, like we use to have and they have a difficult time with. As much as I feel that they are not grateful I need to understand that I had feelings like that before, and I too miss our big house and that is the way it is for us right now. We don’t know what someone’s position is or where or what their finances are . I explained that owning a house is so much better than renting.. I told Jac he will be a soccer star, and none of us will have to worry. Then I added if he is not, it does not matter because I just want him to be happy and do what he loves-now it happens to be soccer………Wills is continuing to call me Amy! Amy Cubbison. I am getting use to it. Ha………….Kaylee is throwing out facts to me that she learned today and one of them is that I have been on the potty, for four years straight of my life. Ha ha ha…………….So I guess it is great that I did not have my surgery today, and I need to thank the big guy upstairs. I have a cold. It feels great to be in leg pain and have a cold along with it………I am going to chug some theraflu and go to sleep early. Tomorrow night there is a fashion event I wanted to go to but may have to pass. Want to feel good for weekend and surgery………………….I managed to clean the kitchen and do housework. It is good for me and good for the soul, as much as I don’t always want to do it. I feel great taking care of myself, my home, and my kids. I have learned to do all of the things that I hated to do and dreaded doing like taking the trash out. I still have not managed to get my boys to help me as I should and they should but I will!!! I have not choice. I also have been doing my gardening. What a workout it is. I really am enjoying it and proud when something lives…….So today despite being sick is a good day. I need to stop giving my dog people food because my dog is starting to bark at me all of the time. It reminds me of our old dog Molly. 🙁 I Miss her………….So when I went to my class yesterday in San Marcos I asked the woman if they offered one in La JOlla or Del Mar and she was not to impressed with that question so I guess I will have to stay in san marcos for a few weeks, and bond with the homies…..ha ha. I don’t even know what a homey is really? What is it? It just sounds funny. Night

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