Field Trips

by Amy Cubbison on April 27th, 2011

No problem getting the kids ready for school today………after all it is a field trip for all of them. Kaylee is so excited she even went to sleep at eight. I made my friend laugh the other day by telling her that I fall asleep before my six year old daughter. She turns off Disney channel about eight thirty or before nine……..One thing about me is when I am ready for bed, I am ready for bed and I love to sleep…….anyways I never remember going on the magnitude of them or the frequency of them. THey are so lucky….My bloody dog is driving me crazy. I longed for a puppy to sit with me all of the time, but that was when I was still feeling lonely, and as they say becareful what you ask for because now he wont leave me alone. LeaveMeB. ha ha. I guess it is all that home cooked chicken I have been feeding him. I mean I turn over at night and he is right there on top of me or in my little nooks of legs or etc………..The other night when I went out to some bday parties, I had several people come up to me that I did not know, and tell me they were my facebook friends………ha ha……Gotta study and do work………oh my surgery is scheduled for this monday instead of today………bummer but okay.

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