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by Amy Cubbison on April 23rd, 2011

Some funny things happened to me today to make me laugh……I actually am having a great weekend and getting back in to the swing of things…….all the while with standing my pain and my almost teenager……….I sware he is calling me Amy Now and he startles me constantly. He is soooooo hyper. It is alarming………Kaylee as usual said some beautiful things today. She corrected her friend when she called someone fat as I told her that is not kind. Then she was telling me how she agrees that people get prettier or uglier depending on what is in their hearts…. She made a book today with pictures, that was really creative…….We had our nails done today and everyone was calling her little amy. Our friends call her little K these days. She always picks out the best outfits….Love her style and confidence…………Last night I went to two parties and a bit out on the town. MInd you I was home at elleven and it is all about balance but I have to tell you it was nice to meet people and get attention again. Everyone was telling me I now look so healthy and like I am thirty…..yahoo………I will never go back to needing and craving attention so bad that I hurt or harm my relationships which is one of the many mistakes I made last year. A lot of problems stem from insecurity……for me and all of us……..Attention does not have the hold it use to for me and my valley and void has gotten so much smaller. I am proud to say……………….Tonight we went to dinner with some friends and their kids. It was great to connect……I am blessed with the wealth of friends I do have and need to remember that when I get hurt by rejection or hurt from the past year……..Today we watched nanny Mcfee and that is soooooo cute and such a creative movie. It was nice because it was not so high tech and reminded me of the old classics……….Jac won his soccer game 8 to 1 today…..Go jac . We all sort of accept that Wills is like a teenager now and smurk and smile about it.

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