Happy Easter

by Amy Cubbison on April 24th, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!…….AS usual the Easter bunny did not do a perfect job. Jac is feeling jipped. Kaylee feels like it is Christmas again and can’t wait for the neighbors to wake up so she can go over there and show her goods. William has eaten almost all of his chocolate and is more hyper than normal……In fact there is candy wrappers all over my floor. Which reminds me,Yesterday I was looking for my flip flop and looked under the bed and lo and behold, I found where the kids have been throwing their trash. Jeeezzzeee! It is funny when someone does not have children they have all of these idealizations on how they will be and how their kids will be. Let me just tell you it is never how we expect it to be…………..THis morning the kids and I are playing “I am smarter than a fifth grader.” It is fun and entertaining. We are going to church then brunch in La jolla with my parents. I hope it is a sunny day. YEsterday was gorgeous!………….Kaylee is in her Easter dress and I am going to wear one. I remember last year we had a large earthquake……………Bailey, our dog, is now akin to me. HE spends most of the day with me and I have been giving him chicken. Ha ha. He lays on me all night and I can barely move because he is on top of me.

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