Return from the desert

by Amy Cubbison on April 15th, 2011

We got back from the desert and we had a lovely time. My schiatica was bothering me a lot though :(> can’t wait to get in for surgery. That is an oxymoron………It was so beautiful up there and we heard it was cold down here in San Diego. We all got along great and the kids had a blast. William chose not to come which was a change for us and unusual. At one point Kaylee hit JP because she said that she missed William and was hitting Jp because she missed hitting William. ha ha. She is so good at explaining her feelings and being in touch with them. She was also talking about how she worries about her father Neil, I felt bad to hear that. He has a cold now. I also see her using some superstition acts like I use to do as a child. As an adult i learned that is about trying to control things we cant control. It made me sad to see. She also said something that hurt my feelings and she knew it. I saw how bad she felt on her face and then I was trying to minimize it. Ahh love, it is tough sometimes. We feel so much for someone and it can be hard to separate………..Nancy and I were talking about how bad we feel as mothers when our children are hurt or rejected. When we were at Teppanyaki the other day I felt bad that Jac was not catching the shrimp in his mouth like JP> Okay, now that is getting a little ridiculous………Kaylee said Bailey our dog was giving her scared licks-scared because he was afraid she was going to put him outside. I loved that accurate description……….Well I need to get up finally and make my children something to eat………..Talk to you later

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