by Amy Cubbison on May 15th, 2011

Had a nice weekend, although mellow still entertaining. I am feeling good and healing each day. It is amazing to me to see and feel how quickly my body heals. It is amazing…….Also I am four days past the last time of my second surgery which gives me some confidence…… I have had some good news about things and I am excited about that. Every little bit helps….I also have some things to look forward to …yahoo. It is as if after my accident I went so extreme to one way to punish myself-which was necessary to a degree but then I cut fun out of my life> Now I am ready to meet people, which I am again, and it is nice. I am going to have balance in my life……………I am tired as today we had a bday gymnastic party to go to, and then went to friends’ for dinner. Btw since Kaylee’s after party friday night, our home is a fricken mess. There is wrappers and trash everywhere from the numerous gifts Kaylee received. I postponed cleaning until tomorrow when the kids reside in school………….Last night I was telling Kaylee she needed to thank George, our friend for paying for their arcade games and she shouted out,” Thank you George.” And then she said,” I sent it out to God whom will deliver it to George.” so cute…….Love the freshness…….I am going to have a great month of June. One of the things that we have to look forward to is one thing I have always wanted-To hang out at The parker in palm desert. Dyane has two free nights there an it is a six star hotel…….yeah. plus my friend nancy has a boat and we are going to do a lot of concerts on the boat this summer…..yeah……….Going to sleep now….night

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