by Amy Cubbison on May 18th, 2011

remember that from typing class. JKL; asdf,,,,,,,,,,I always have that in the back of my head……anyways laying low in bed, studying and emailing……….It is a cloudy, yucky day. I certainly hope this weekend is nice. I hate to send my babies out in the rain………….So Jac made the school record in being the fastest at the relay race (i forget what proper name is). They all got presidential. Pretty cool…………I remember that and dreading the fact that I had to run around the track two times. I was so out of breath and now that is a piece of cake for me……………What a week……I hate fighting, and nastyness. I have learned to pick my friends better but then there are those people I love, but have a shorter circuit, due to their own circumstances. I need to monitor that and learn to respect that. As Dr Dyane say’s .” Some people just don’t have patience or don’t have time for what they find insignificant stuff. I think being busy can be a good thing especially if you wan to keep things off your mind but never so busy to not be able to enjoy little things. Anyways putting the feedback in mind to change, alter, and adhere as I see fit…………….I am loving our dog Bailey more each day. He is such good company. Kaylee loves him to much. She sings songs to him and constantly kisses him on the mouth…..closed mouth but there are worse things she could do. He has puppy breath. Yesterday we hung out with a new neighbor friend Kimberly whom is very cool. She has three cute, blonde little girls. She is a wine expert, of some what and I love to hear how she pairs her wine with meals. I respect her because she is one of those mother’s that sacrifices everything for her kids, lives simply and does not mind or yearn for anything else. She, Lou and I have been hanging out a bit. I told Lou yesterday when he falls in love, I am going to feel a loss. We spend so much time together. I am also around so much more so neighbors come in handy……………I have been having some intense dreams lately. Intense in naughty ways but also intense in meaningful ways. Last night I dreamt I was free swimming under water and it felt so great and beautiful. Then I was trapped in a door of a car submerged under water, and trying to open it to. I did not panic and I struggled a bit but got out and was free to swim. I just remember the beauty of it all……… I also had someone tell me that I don’t have to tell everyone everything. There was a time when I was like that but not so bad now. I do however have to accept and appreciate taht I m the type of person who likes to tell my stories, make other’s laugh, and entertain friends, family and others who care to listen. I guess I have to wait ofr people to come to me more than me to them……..I am more private now but I waill always be an open person and more out there than most……..Yesteray Kaylee gave Bailey a bath. Bailey got out of the tub when he was covered in oodles of bubbles and ran around our house. It was hilarious. We could not catch him. It was like an episode of Brady bunch I remember……. miss that show. ha ha………..But I have been having some great intellectual conversations with my neighbors and learning a lot about politics and things I was negligent at keeping up on. I like it!…….Anyways that is it for random thinking and thoughts today by Amy

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  1. Love your site, blog, etc.
    You are a sweetie!!!

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