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by Amy Cubbison on May 12th, 2011

one of my mottos……..btw my spelling needs major help. It seems like it gets worse and worse. Maybe graduate school will help me out with all the writing and writing. Ugh………….my madre and padre are at the white house with Obama as we speak. Don’t hate me-i am a peacemaker and whatever anyone chooses. She is in the Emilly’s list supporting woman in politics. She will never invite me again after I got tired and then went to watch Oprah. I am getting more interested in politics due to my friend Lou, who constantly informs, me and depresses (jk) me about it. He got me so upset that I now listen, and read just to dispute him. He say’s that was his entire intention. We shall see………… I have not blogged in weeks. I have had two herniated disk surgeries in one week. I had the first and felt great-to great and then for whatever reason-part me part doc, I herniated it again. All I know is I have never in my life, felt so much pain. NOt child birth cesareans, or anything. If it was not for Dyane, I would have never gotten back in the hospital-those damn insurance companies. Anyways sick of talking and thinking about it. Sharp hospital was great, and made it as nice as can be. I will forever support them. I will tell you more later and I also had tons of epiphanies and insight during my stay that I will elaborate on later. Trust me it was not a great time and i cried like a baby in fear. Luckily my doctor was so kind and supportive with hot caring eyes…..Hmm. He’s married but anyways a good guy with four kids. Gotta run, but for now I will leave you with a couple short stories and then as I said elaborate later. I have plenty of time. Tomorrow is Kaylee’s bday ! She is excited about it=infact she has been talking about it daily for six months. We are going to make it all special……………..I am taking it very easy so I heal well this time. I am looking forward to feeling good and planning on some fun things in the future, in moderation, when I feel good………..Jac gave me a mother’s day booklet. It was funny and sort of sad that the acronyms, he put in there for Mother -there was a great, loving mommy, who is a good writer and hopes i feel better, then he said on two letters-Mommy really really loves her sleep. Then on S-he wrote-Mommy is so very, very good at sleeping. Poor kid since my accident I have been in my room a lot……………..Kaylee took one of my old tshirts (thank GOd it was old) and cut it in to a cute top for herself. She made it so fashionable. She is so awesome!!!………Check you later

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