by Amy Cubbison on May 19th, 2011

Today I had three people call me strong. I found it unusual to hear that on any given day but three in one day.? I took it and I will own it and feel proud.
Today William told me he thinks Kaylee has a good voice. Thank God she didn’t inherit my voice. All of our kids have a good voice. ANyways he asked her to sing a song for us. She did and it was adorable. William then said he is going to video her and put on facebook so the girls in his class can see because they all think she is so cute…..It was a nice moment with William. I think we are all getting spring/summer fever.
My friend and I are going to sign up for a dance class next month. I am also going to take a teenage parenting course with Neil………Feeling really good and that my life is once again full. I do get a little stir crazy staying home most of the day and laying down but I then visit neighbors at night or have friends over.
I am working on two inventions I have and I keep having more arise in my mind. My creativity is flowing. That always happens when I slow down. I want to do a dream board with my children and write some dreams down to hope for.
Had my recurring dream about my father last night, where I carry him everywhere. I am so concerned with him feeling good and being cared for. It is a very emotional dream.
My pain is much less, but I still feel a tingly, numb feeling that I hear may stay with me forever. Sort of a bummer but I have to look at things on the bright side.
Kaylee went to gymnastics last night. I love to watch her. She is such a natural. She is so excited about grandparents day and some events at the school. She told me that next week there is no more homework and with huge excitement she told me the last week-they can put their desk anywhere they want. Super cute. I Love to watch her enthusiasm.
I am having my friend Nancy and her children over for dinner. I need to take a quick nap before I straighten and prepare……….

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