by Amy Cubbison on July 18th, 2011

We had a nice weekend…..Although my pms continued and I was a bottomless pitt. I was not so cranky but indifferent. I was not feeling that “on” or social. I did not mind talking to people I know but was not in the mood for idle chatter, with strangers or new people. I have not been so much of the mood to go out and do things…..I am enjoying hanging out at home with the kids, their friends and my friends………Yesterday Kaylee and Lou’s daughter sort of had a little dispute. Angelina told Kaylee that she did not want her to live in our neighborhood. Anyways Kaylee’s feelings were very hurt…..She even shed tears. THen we went to see her BFF Marina and that was the cure> LAst night we had a good conversation about the day and Kaylee said,’ Marina is the perfect friend, she cares and she has friends to help push her in the right way of caring and being kind.” It was very profound and cute… Kaylee was stomping her feet yesterday and whining. I called her the girl from Charlie CHocolate factory. She did not like that. I said,’YOu are not her, but you were acting like her. Anyways she got the point………..Jac is at soccer clinic………William is being sweet…………Off to the gym and then the pool………….Opening day is wednesday. NOt sure If I am going or not……….I am going to a fabulous party tomorrow night in rancho santa fe that is catered by Pamplemousse…..yum……..I will be nice and bloated for opening day , in my tight dress. ha. If I decide to go…………Saw my brother yesterday. We are lucky to have each other and give each other feedback. He said his little world is so nice cruising in between del mar and La jolla, and sometimes he has to slum it up to leucadia…..It would be nice to be in del mar where he is…I was like Thanks!!!

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