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by Amy Cubbison on July 12th, 2011

So my little boy/big boy is working me, working us. He asked me to take him clothes shopping and I said yes to a small budget. Come to find out that he asked his Dad the same the prior day. Turns out he has been shrinking his shirts by accident…oopsy he cleans like mommy…Which by the way I can say i am getting a tad better at -and I have found the rewards of getting it done……and how good it feels. I did so much laundry today that I am almost caught up. Now we can open the laundry room door…….ha ha……..Some people tell me I should be more careful of what I say and I have been trying. It is just hard because one of the reasons I blog and I write is to help others to relate to me, and my faults and faux paus. My old therapist gave me a great line in my head-he said don’t dramatize and just call it like it is, say it like it is and accept-Who flippin cares??? Anyways I have been enjoying the summer with my kids with a low grade of no drama-which bores me a little. I know it is good for me and my children and my number one goal daily for the rest of their childhood lives is to have minimal regrets!!!! We went to see Cars 2, yesterday with my parents. I think I wrote about it. But I forgot to mention that it was so complicated as far as cartoons go-it was more like James Bond, Spy kids, and Cars. I even had to ask my nine year old what was going on. I couldn’t ask my parents because they were both asleep. ha ha. Take that Siscal…………..I am craving to watch some really good, independent movies. I was dreaming of a nice vacation yesterday but that is not going to happen anytime soon. ……….Yesterday Jac was cranky as all get out, and I forgot that he was hungry. He gets so grumpy when he has not eaten. I debate and try to convince him that he has good options ie; movies, pool, beach , lunch and is lucky. It does not work until sugar or calories enter his mouth. After his rootbeer three seconds later, he was whistling a happy tune………..Today Charlene and I are working and then taking the kids to ……guess where? The pool…….ha…Then the neighbors and I area ll going to hang out with kids, have a little wine and cook dinner………….Nice times……

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