La JOlla, Sunset, to Fairbanks…….

by Amy Cubbison on July 6th, 2011

What a week I had……I had a friend in town and we did a lot in one week. It was fun but I am exhausted. We went to la one day for business and pleasure….which was awesome. We went to The Standard on Sunset , which was like a time warp and a trip to people watch. Went to STK for dinner. It was really an adventure. We visited another friend in Bel Air, which was fun to see that old hollywood, quiet beautiful neighborhood. I love seeing new places. We also hit up la jolla, and visited my parents, and went to a longtime friend’s birthday party at Fairbanks ranch. My friend Andrew, whom is only 28 was schmoozing all of the older ladies. It was great fun to see him in action. He is super charming and wise book and street smart beyond his years. It was fun to dress up and reconnect with a good friend Ina, whom I had lost contact with………….I am loving summer. I love having no schedule and just waking up and hanging with the kids. That is when they are not fighting. William my 12 year old, is super hyper and torments Kaylee and Jac. I really need a class on raising teens. He can be so difficult and so loving all in the span of five minutes. In reverse he can drive me crazy and I can be so in love with him all in the same time span. I just need to not react which is hard because he is disrespectful and conrolling, which hurts my feelings…..but familiar……I realize it is how I am and how I do things as well. Anyways, I told William we are going on a date and he said,”Mom don’t call it a date,it is us hanging.” Ha ha. Okay. I can’t seem to say the right thing……again sound familiar…………???? Other than that my self esteem is doing better. Although I am not super productive, I am keeping house good, taking care of my babies, and enjoying the moment. We go to the pool almost daily, thus the tan (albeit with spf 50) which is suburbiaville. Tons of moms and kids. My guy friends all want to come to the pool to watch-with a ipod though to block out the noise. They do get splashed ha…….Andrew had fun doing that…….LIfe is good. Summer is here. The ice cream man or woman comes daily. We take the dog for walks, and I swimi laps daily. Kaylee is swimming on her own and she is ecstatic……..friends come over for the pool and for dinner. We go on bike rides……WIlliam and I did a good one yesterday and for that, it was special. I am reading books, listening to cd’s and cooking a lot. ……Kaylee is in love with our dog Bailey and kisses him and carries him everywhere. The rest of the neighborhood can not say the same……He comes tearing by the pool, and everyone grunts. He still gets out although not as much as before. Lou say’s something is not right with our mutt Bailey. That is true but we love him and he will be remembered in all the children’s memories when they grow up. Our neighborhood junk yard dog was Rocky who ate everyone’s trash and knocked cans over…….Kaylee said she wishes everyone had a Bailey to love………….Off to pool……….

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  1. oh its me…………..also I am keeping my house relatively clean but always giggle that jac said I was an excellent cleaner and very very good at sleeping…….kids say darndest things……..the only problem is the more aware I get of cleaning , the more i notice needs to be cleaned……hate when that happens……….ha

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