Missed you my long lost lover

by Amy Cubbison on July 29th, 2011

Just woke up and I am tired from my dreams…..I am so busy during the night, and it is not all fun stuff. ha ha. I can tell that I wrap my mind around everything that passes me or my ears during a day. I had so many things with meaning in my dream. My friend Dyane woke me up while I was dreaming about her……not what you think. ha. She and I always eat off one another’s plate and we don’t care. In my dream I ate off a friend of mine’s plate ( a friend who’s name I could not remember) which has been a little problem in itself. I Then said to apologized for eating off of her plate. ha ha………Continuing to have a great summer with the kids……Went to the Wave Water park the day before yesterday. Kaylee did not have a playmate so I was her playmate. It was fun . It was like being a kid again……..TWo of my neighbors are gone so I feel like an orphan . ha ha. Gotta get to know those new neighbors better so I have people to visit . ha ha…… Took the kids to the movies the other day. We watched a double feature of “Zoo KEeper,a and WInnie the Pooh.’ I was fading fast At Winnie, and Kaylee caught me texting. ……I wish I could write about WIlliam my preteen but I promised I wont so……i will just say this parenting class here I come…….Michelle and I are going to sign up for dance class > I think that will be fun……Want to have more healthy, clean fun…… Starting school again in the fall and lots of work to do for LeaveMeB.com Exciting things………..Uh oh I hear Kaylee in the sink washing her American GIrl dolls hair, and she just grabbed scissors…….Mommy intervention!!!……I have to get to the gym because I have class today……..I have to get my mind thinking of funny things and events that have happened over the last few days. ….TGIF

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