ONe, two, three

by Amy Cubbison on July 19th, 2011

My friend Dyane said something really funny to me today. She noticed how I still count one to five, for all of my kids-ages seven to twelve. We both laughed because it is true and it works. I said to her that I have had so few things that work and that one did, so I have stuck with it……ha ha. Kaylee told her brother Jac from behind he looked like, GOofy with his ears sticking out. Ha ha. Kids are cruel. I can remember a few and some comments I would really rather not to remember. seriously!!………Going to the fancy party tonight and stuck with what dress to wear. Not for lack of options but after four days or eating- I am not feeling so svelte….although been getting to the gym at seven each morning. I now have the bug that gets me there bright and early, once again. I remember how much better emotionally i feel all day……..I can’t wait to be able to fully work out and get my body in to the best shape for it’s growing age…Which has been bothering me lately. Hate when that happens. Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not…..Fear-all coming from fear and propaganda and Southern Cal…..ha. I watched “Biutiful,” today. I never finished it the other day. What a touching, tragic movie. I loved it though. My heart was wrenching for the children or every character in the movie for that fact………..I loved it. It made me feel alive and how love is the strongest, most important emotion there is…………and how money is not everything as so many of us see…….Working on my boundries daily….even though I always feel sad, hurt and bad when I do…….The emotion does not fit the accusation, as my group leader say’s but-it is there!!!! I love being generous but don’t like being taken advantage of any longer…..and for that matter-I don’t want to take advantage of any other persons ever. Not with money, because that was not my thing but with time, or expectations etc…………..I hear the kids jumping on the trampoline and having a blast. That was the best money ever spent…….Gotta finish dinner so I can get ready

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