Another phone bites the dust

by Amy Cubbison on August 14th, 2011

I am not sure but my droid is acting weird. I swear to God if it breaks, I am done!!! So what if I have insurance, each time it is one hundred dollars…..ugh and other than that my mood has lifted a bit…..I am getting more confident and stronger staying by myself….So baby steps……..As everyone say’s I under estimate myself……I hope so..:) Today Jac’s team won in the tournament. He is so fantastic at soccer. It is amazing to see. His fancy footwork…..he scored a goal with his head and then did another header……Amazing…..I just look at him on the field and smile that he is sooo talented, so cute, so sweet and my son….he looks exactly like his Dad but has my green eye color………Kaylee has fun at the games because there are a lot of little girls there……I was proud of myself because I was offered to go to races in a private box and I turned it down to go to jac’s games….Also when we came back to the pool a bunch of families were drinking wine and exotic cheeses there. We had a little last day of summer party. I even managed to get myself to leave there to get to Jac’s second game. Ha h. I could have worn my shirt” Soccer Moms do it twice on Sunday.’ although it say’s saturday…….Today Kaylee and I went to TJ maxx to get her a new outfit for school. She heard a little girl say that she liked Hello kitty and so she started finding a bunch of pieces for her and put it on the rack so the girl would see it. Very cute……and sweet…..then Lou was taking us to jac’s game and He was talking about when he is old, he wants someone to run him over with a big truck and Kaylee said My daddy has a big truck and can do it….” ha ha…..So funny……..Going to go to sleep soon because tomorrow is the first day of school…..yuck…….schedule again…..

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