broken heart

by Amy Cubbison on August 7th, 2011

My heart is feeling broken……not the broken that you might expect from but because I am not seeing my children as much, as they are their dads. It is a really hard, difficult, sad transition for me……I feel like just sleeping because I am sad. I know this will get better but for now it is painful. I feel like crying a lot and I have some fears and other things that are dragging me down……It is as if when I was recovering from my accident or my surgery I focused on getting better. NOw I have to deal with my inner growth more. I know it will get better and this will make me stronger but for now, I don’t like it………….Gotta step up to the plate and be in the moment, work for the future, make good decisions, take care of my health, and hope for the best-keep the faith…and faith is what I need right now.

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