by Amy Cubbison on August 2nd, 2011

Nothing makes me feel better than to watch Kaylee and Jac interact. Jac is so gentle with Kaylee and they play so nice. It is so sweet…….I love to hear them talking downstairs together. I relish in that they are both little still. This morning I heard them making fun of a commercial that was for Babies….ha ha. They do not realize that they are still “babies” in my eyes..They were upset because someone copied to :”Pillow Pet.” idea…..They pay so much attention to commercials. Just as I did . It is in our blood. It is amazing how anyone my age can remember commercial sayings and jingles…..You gotta becareful or it dates you (me). ……….I am feeling sad today. Sad for some necessary changes and sad for bringing up something from my past. I am fine. I just dedicated my time to my children, and cleaned the house and then did what I love to do cook, cook, cook. I made Linguini in a clam broth, sauce with Parmesan Encrusted bread to dip in the sauce. We go get that at Poseidon and I crave it and I it is as good I believe. So that makes me feel good. My parents were suppose to come for dinner but they cancelled. Need to find someone to appreciate it…..not sure my kids will but I will try. I dipped the bread in and they liked it…….I feel lonely lately……Not terribly but a little…..Last night Kaylee asked me to dip my hand in the tub and then she dried it off and said,”Ooh doesn’t your hand feel so soft, that is from the Bubble bath.” I saw it on a commercial. Too bad when we are little we dont’ realize people and tv lie sometimes………Charlene is here and we have to work…..but I have more to say…….Terra

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