Day by Day, lay by lay, or play by play

by Amy Cubbison on August 8th, 2011

That is an inside joke…ha ha….well today and yesterday I did not want to get out of bed all day…sometimes that is fine but not when you have children…..So I did it and faked it till made it…and it was not so bad…….My mother and I had a nice time last night at the theaters anniversary party . It was fun watching all of the upcoming plays and sniglets from them. My mother and I had a nice conversation. She was loving and kind and I always love and appreciate that. It helps calm my fears……..Then we slept over Dyane’s and Chris and I watched Sixty minutes which was fuel for the brain…….Today I had a fabulous time with my kids except William. IT was after I got jac out of the house, fed him and listened to him complain about where we were going for the entire prior hour…..I just have to always let him, not react and remember he does that. He needs glucose in him and he needs to vent. He is like his Daddy and a home body by nature so I just have to put earplugs in to get him out of his zone………Anyways once we got there Jac and I connected. Last nigh Kaylee and I connected very strong and once again my soul was filled with love and knowing that they loved me as well……..So today I am a little less fearful, a bit stronger and independent…and have a little faith in my future…….and I am going in the right direction………

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