Funny childhood memories

by Amy Cubbison on August 24th, 2011

I swear if anyone could just rent a space in my head, they would be entertained. My brain day dreaming has ADD. I go from one memory, to another, then to a thought and back. ha ha. I can get lost in my thoughts for hours……So a funny memory resurfaced. It is funny because of the impact it had on me, and that I remember how I felt…….One of my childhood friends in Pa, was named Peggy Murphy. She was one of the “First” To have a real boyfriend in Seventh grade when they really actually went on dates. Well obviously they went on more that that……I remember her showing me a drawing her boyfriend Scott Cerocoli did of her Vjj. It was a tiny drawing, from inside out, and it took me about three hours to realize what it was. It was so detailed. She must have posed for it. Once I figured it out, then I realized hmm. she must not be a virgin anymore. Maybe it is not funny to you, but it is to me, and how it made me feel back then. I was always so surprised she was so open about it…..ha ha.
SO hitting the pavement literally doing some sales, and it is quite humbling. I might as well do sales for while I am at it. Business is definitely on the rise……My horoscope said to be positive,charming, and confident and doors will open. It is funny, I am having a hard time being and feeling confident these days. I can get five thousand compliments and then a blow to my ego and that stays. Ugh!! As I said the things that made me temporarily happy last year, do not mean anything to me this year….A good thing but certainly not as much fun…………….I went downstairs and realized someone changed the trash and put a trash bag in. I was shocked. It was Kaylee. She is such a help. Last night we cooked dinner for our local favorite……and she put an apron on and helped me. She even set the table. The night before Jac slept over which was a treat. Kaylee, Jac and I painted. I gave them a lesson and it was very fun!!! I kept on thinking how special that moment was and how I use to do them a lot and need to make every minute count, with them-especially since I don’t have them full time anymore………..Tonight i am going to dinner with a friend. A while back we purchased for twenty dollars a forty five dollar meal at Tommy V’s through groupon. We are using it before it expires. A steak sounds nice to me…………My new goal to help increase my self esteem is to not drink wine during the week and get back in to yoga, and weight lifting to lift and get my muscles where they were prior to my accident. I have two more weeks and then I am allowed…..Gotta stop gravity…….

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