by Amy Cubbison on August 27th, 2011

Not allowed to talk about you know what above but oh vey. But he did play and win his first football game. I watched the entire game and even started to follow it. I met some great, fun moms. I was given a list of rules to follow at the game like no screaming his name and jumping up and down. I followed them but other parents did not…We shall see…….Anyways I am proud of him for being dedicated to play…………………….They fixed my car and now it is acting worse……Not loving that and have to take it back in monday………….Yesterday I sold an old gold necklace and I got 750 dollars for it. I Hugged the guy and jumped for joy. I am a little wheeler and dealer now, along with selling things on ebay. I feel proud bringing in some of my own money. I also may help one of my longtime friends care for her mother. Not much money but I love her mom and I have a soft spot for the elderly. I would hate to be alone in the last stage of my life. Then I can put more money and time in to LeaveMeB.com ……………….THe class I was taking ended yesterday. I am going to miss everyone in that class. I love a classroom environment. I grow to know and care about each and every person because they all come their vulnerable, open and accepting. Everyone said good bye to me and said some of the nicest compliments I have ever gotten. They said I had a huge heart, super friendly, a non judging bright light. Also that I am hilarious and open and I entertained them for three months……..My teacher said I was a blast! Anyways it made me feel good………..I also did yoga yesterday and had a peaceful, calm feeling all day long………………I remember that feeling and how good yoga made me feel. So looking forward to that again. We are going back to church because it is important for my children and needed for me…..Sometimes I miss my kids so much that I go and sleep over their Dad’s on his couch….It is fun and the kids like it……………….I took Kaylee to the ice cream social at her school. It was so cute to see how she interacts with her friends. She is so friendly, and kind and approaches them with open arms……….We are off to La jolla to celebrate my parents helper Ernesto’s bday and WIlliams 13th, which is in a few weeks.

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