Bad bad girl, or woman….

by Amy Cubbison on September 17th, 2011

I have been so negligent in blogging. In my mind I have been blogging a lot and thinking of things to blog. HOpe I can resurface the memories……..Having challenges with my teenager but again I promised I would not blog about him. I need to take a class………..My allergies have been horrific but other than that, I feel good. I have been doing yoga a lot and I forgot how much better I feel all day when I do it. I am calm and I love what it does for my body…fit and lean………….Jac has soccer this morning so we need to leave for it soon. William has football and Kaylee is my little love companion…….She told me this week there are two types of people ones who fill buckets, and ones who empty buckets…….ha ha. I said,” I know baby.” She wants to be a bucket filler, and I said ,” Great just as long as your bucket is filled.” We cant’ give properly or healthily if our buckets are not filled and then we get depleted…………. Will return later , promise.

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