Black out

by Amy Cubbison on September 9th, 2011

Had all my kiddos this week, and it was so nice to have them all home with me. The boys have not been here as often as I like or they will so at first there was some orientation. Shortly after they all got comfortable again. I have been keeping the house really nice and getting rid of clutter. They seem to like the changes. I realized that a lot of me being lonely, was coming from not have the connection and closeness with all three children. So it felt great. I also am living a much healthier life style and it feels good to do that. Wine was a evening habit and now it is not. It is easy once you get use to not having it. I think as a mom, we look forward to our two glasses of wine, a night to relax from hectic day with the children………….My mother is off to Italy today. I am sooo envious. That i my favorite place of anywhere I have been………….So you probably heard about the “blackout.” What a strange occurrence. It was my friend Tracy’s birthday and we were going to go to dinner with a bunch of girls and then all of the cities restaurants were closed. It was a bummer. Anyways the traffic was hectic and crazy. It was a nightmare but good for story making and telling……………..KAylee my 7 year old little girl came home from school yesterday. she told me that she started a club and then some of her “friends’ voted her out of the club. SHe said a few of her friends got her back, and for that I am very grateful. I am so upset that the girls were mean to Kaylee. I can hardly stand it. Kaylee is the sweetest, kindest, most loving little girl to her family, and her peers.

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