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by Amy Cubbison on September 27th, 2011

The time I miss my dog the most, is when I come home. He was always waiting at the window for me and sooo happy to see me. It makes my heart hurt. I am going through the grieving process now, that things don’t look so good. At times I feel such loss, and then it cycles. I go through shock, sadness, and peace with it. I just hope and pray he did not suffer. I hope he is with a loving family, who kidnapped him……………….I hiked Torrey PInes canyon this morning for the first time this morning. I ran it when I did La JOlla half but that was sort of a blur, since I was focused on the end of run, not the journey………….It was so beautiful. I feel close to GOd when I am in nature. I met with Phoebe Chungchua. She is the editor, owner of www.Livefitmagazine.com I am going to have a column with her magazine and do sales/marketing/ and pr. She is an inspiration to me and I am very excited. My brain is going fast with all of the ideas and possibilities. Of course she is helping me take on task at a time, and focusing on that. Huge potential though……Gotta write down my goals down big and small…and have a vision…:) This will also help work with LeaveMeB.com ……………..Since i am needing some money, my mother hired me to help her in her office. The best job, I ever had. I file, shred, do errands, and then Victor makes us an amazing lunch and we sit on the deck eating it. Ha ha. I told my mother, I want to work full time there……ha ha……………Tonight I have my boys as well. I miss them. When they are gone my heart aches, after the intitial relief from chaos. 🙂 separation/divorce is a sad thing and hard on everyone….The main thing is that if the parents can remain friendly. We have that and i hope for that always. William gave me a nice kiss and hug the other day. That was a very nice surprise, that felt great. I have a lot of friends who’s children are starting to enter the teens. So we need to pull together and work. I need to be stricter, and have consequences………………….I have been meditating lately. I have also been doing some visualization as well. One of the activities is me picturing a message for the day. Yesterday my message for the day was,’ Someone will really need you tonight.’ It was a coincidence or not but one of my bestest friends in the world, called me and really needed to connect with me. She is going through a rough time. She is not drama at all, and this was unusual. I am glad that i could be there for her, as she has always been for me…………….Cheers.

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