by Amy Cubbison on September 20th, 2011

I am doing work in bed because it is hace frio out….ha ha…..I love it though. Love, love, love fall and this time of year especially because my birthday is coming up…..ha ha.. This year I want to do something special and intimate, inexpensive and invite twenty of my closest friends. I said that to lou and he laughed oh twenty is so intimate. Anyways we will see but my birthday is especially meaningful this year since it is the anniversary of my terrible accident. 🙁 🙁 . ………….I am doing a lot of things right now to send out positive vibes and stop dwelling on my past year. I want to live every day to the fullest and write all along the way, all of my thoughts of my journey. However I am trying to slowly learn to keep some things for myself. :)………..I am doing a lot of meditation again and yoga, both of which are really calming and relaxing to me. I feel positive thoughts running through my mind, that are new and refreshing…………The kids have half days this week, so it is a little tougher . I go to the gym and then pick them up. Today we are going to see a movie i think because it is Dollar tuesday. Going to see Spy Kids, not my first pick. ha ha………Jac scored two goals on sunday and won the game for the team. He was so excited. I am so happy that he has such a passion for something so good for him……..William’s team did not fair so well in football but the good news is I am getting in to soccer and football now………I actually went to a football game and sat with the guys and watched. I only got in trouble for talking two times……ha . They laughed when I asked where the halftime entertainment was? I guess that in only on the Super Bowl…………..:) again . ……. I was looking around all the yogaettes in my yoga class, and noticing how beautiful their bodies are. Yoga is an amazing exercise for body, mind and soul. I get in there and think about all rational and irrational thoughts, and the little by little they fade and I let go of them all and just breath!!!!!!!

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