No Bailey

by Amy Cubbison on September 25th, 2011

No sight of our puppy Bailey. We are still holding some hope out, but mourning him . It comes in bursts and cycles. I was sooo worried about my children and after the initial reaction of crying and screaming, they are accepting it. It is a good lesson and reminder for me to know that kids can and do learn to take care of themselves and heal through life lessons. That is why it is important for us as parents, to let kids feel and learn from their actions and the curve balls life throws them……………..I a reminding myself of this…… We went to see the musical rendition of Wicked, the other night. On the way Maica’s little five year old girl Emma, was explaining to her friend in the backseat. When Maica asked her daughter where she heard of that, she responded,’On Oprah.” It was hilarious and a good laugh for all…………So yesterday I was sort of super mom in my eyes. Went to Jacs’ soccer, they lost 🙁 I was actually yelling on the side lines a bit. Then took Kaylee to a birthday party, and then went way out in boondocks for William’s football game, and even had a job there to give them water….They creamed the other team. Now William thinks I am his good luck charm. ha ha. Oh and I had to abide by his rules for me, no cleavage, skinny jeans, and or make up and no running on the field if he gets’ tackled. So I did pretty well with my rules. I just came from Yoga and looked a mess. I put a jacket on to cover my top and it was fine until, the sun came out and I am sweating bullets. Ha ha. I am meeting some really nice, and fun football moms. Who da thought? Me new friends? haha. I even saw onethe doctor who delivered William, who volunteers for their team. William said to her’Thanks for bringing me in to life.” It amazes me that he is thirteen, and that was thirteen years ago………….Yesterday I went to my neighbors and they were watching our Nanny 911 episode from netflicks. It is haunting me again. hah a. Anyways I have not watched it in ages, and it was hilarious to briefly view it. THe kids were so little and so cute. It made me miss that age. It was six years ago. Time is flying by. Damn I was skinny………That was BB, Before boobs, but seriously I can’t believe i got that skinny…….I like being curvy….not to curvy though. Those were the days where I was doing yoga daily and that works best on my body. I am doing it a lot again and I can see and feel changes……………………The other week my car hesitated and I was having a really bad day. A car full of teenagers drove by and sort of made fun of me in my Nice Car…..That hurt and it just showed me once again that we including myself never know a person’s condition, or situation and we should not just assume………..I mean we are all going through some sort of financial hardship these days, and when beggers come up to me, I think in my head,”Hey you can get free money from the state, leave me alone.” ha ha. But it is true………I am attending Rosemarie’s baby shower today. I am so happy for her….oh no, I just realized then she will have Rosemarie’s baby. Ha ha. Just kidding. I remember that from childhood, the horror movie. Anyways I have not been to a baby shower in a long time so it will be nice and they have tried very hard to make this happen. I love happy endings……..More to come and more to say so stay tuned in tomorrow.

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