So much emotion and feeling

by Amy Cubbison on September 22nd, 2011

That is me…..I should title the book I am writing that….ha or come late, leave early. I always say that because I do that in yoga and it pisses everyone off…….I actually have gotten better at being on time, but I still leave early. I can’t do an hour and a half of yoga……….I am heart broken because our dog Bailey is missing. He has not been home in two days. I was not worried because I am the eternal optimist. I still am holding out hope. They found a maltese, terrior, male mix. I went to see him and someone had picked him up. I then walked through the kennel to look for him. I was sobbing all the isles and then feeling for every dog/puppy in there. I wanted to adopt some already. So keep your prayers. Bailey was and is an escape artist. We call him Houdini. He just always came back so I did not worry. I seem to worry about things I shouldn’t and not worry about things I should (sometimes). To try and be positive that dog brought us so much joy and happiness. He loved everyone and was always happy. It took me a while to latch on to him because he was so hyper and scraggly but my love grew and grew. It tends to do that with me. ha ha. William is the most upset because kaylee and Jac have hope and they are younger. It was breaking my heart seeing William hurt. THe tough or one of the tough things about parenting is having to hold off our feelings when we are scared, or sad to be there for our children. I am not always so good at that either. As I always say a work in progress always…………………….I met with a friend who owns an online magazine Her name is Phoebe Chungchua. She wants to train me and help me have a column, as well as mentor me and do sales. I had the goosebumps the entire time I met with her. She did as well. She is a great role model.Her magazine is all about fashion, health, and happiness. I love all those things. ha Maybe this is the beginning of me discovering what I am …really made of and meant to do and be…….Hope so . So I said it was a day of a lot of feelings good and sad.

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