What a day , what a weekend, what a life……

by Amy Cubbison on September 12th, 2011

Two steps forward three steps back….not anymore but I still do step back sometimes, as I did this past weekend. i am not going in to details as I am going to hold some things private. Can you believe it? ha…..yep this is my year and time for real growth and facing all my fears….So the past few years has not been for nothing…..I went to a new therapist today that is all about finding your queen and loving her, and knowing she deserves better. It turns out I know this woman from la jolla. She is amazing, inspiring, and short term therapy. I shed some necessary tears but only to begin the solution…….Things are happening and people are coming in to my life, for specific reasons……..anyways, Progress is happening and i need to be patient but take action. She told me to take off my old sunglasses that sometimes believes i am not good enough, and has to love so hard to be loved. So I am finding a new pair of glasses but I will always come from my heart-albeit with boundaries…………My mother is in Italy > I am so jealous. I will have to visit my father a lot. Tomorrow I am cooking for him…………William and I are making progress. Jac is a soccer, doll, and Kaylee is the joy of my life. I had a fun day yesterday At Dyane and Chris’s with nicole. We laughed the entire day,.. This is my favorite time of the year and I am remembering it so. I think when I pass my birthday and it is a year since my accident, I can push that and those memories aside, hopefully for good..:( . I am ready for fall, to make good soups and comfort food, hang around friends and family and love on my children…….simple things.. i have made progress I did not even know closing day came and went and I did not care… anyways have to cook dinner for me and my baby…

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