by Amy Cubbison on October 3rd, 2011

FALL IS HERE AND I LOVE IT….I FEEL LIKE USING CAPITALS TODAY SO I AM !! ….HAD A NICE WEEKEND WITH MY CHILDREN AND SOME ADULT FUN. DYANE AND CHRIS HAD A GREAT BIG, GREEK WEDDING 🙁 HA NO BIRTHDAY PARTY_) IT WAS DONE SO NICELY AND WELL….I HAD A BLAST. I ALSO HAD A FRIEND DO MY MAKEUP AND SHE IS FABULOUS AND DOES AN AMAZING JOB. I WILL POST HER WEBSITE ON MY BLOG, LATER TODAY. THEN I NEEDED HEAD SHOTS FOR THE PRESS RELEASE WITH PHOEBE CHONGCHUA, AND THIS NICE MAN TOOK PHOTOS OF ME FOR FREE. HIS NAME IS BOB SNELL…AND available at www.bobsnell.com > We are going to put his book on LeaveMeB’s site……. yesterday i took my kids to see “Dolphins Tale,” Yes it was predictable but i fricken loved it…….I will take happy, true, exaggerated stories….over news trauma, and drama anyday………….Love child signing off , need to pick up my babies….

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