Long time no see

by Amy Cubbison on October 22nd, 2011

Long time no see…………I have been so horrible at blogging. OTher than running in ten different directions and being in survival mood for the first time in my life, I am not sure as to why. It is not that I don’t think about my daily experiences and feel as if they are blog worthy or sitcom worthy……….I do , all of the time. I am sad when a memory or event escapes my memory and I can’t blog about it………..So let me do a recap if I may……Jac and Kaylee always tell people to excuse William’s behavior because he is a “Teenager.” ha ha. THey fricken get it. I am reading a book on teenagers and it is actually helping me a lot. I need to not be so reactive and more understanding. My friend Andrew gave me some good advice……One is that I should never bash their father, which I do not. The other one was how important it is for them to have a role model of a father and to let WIlliam stay with his father, if that is what he chooses………..All I know is I love my children more than life itself. I see moms with their babies and I remember the happiest time in my life-when my babies were little and I was their world and that was all I cared about…………………….So Dyane and I took the kids to the zoo the other day-me, dyane, kaylee, jac and marina. It was a hilarious experience and once again I am so thankful for my friend dyane..She makes my life complete….ha ha h> I am such am mushball but when you have undonditional friends and love and support from them-it builds a wealth of strength aS Maslows traingle exhibits…………….We decided to go to the zoo which at first thought was a dreaded one to me. That is sad but honestly for the first five years of my kids life, I was there and Sea World and all the parks, daily. I am sort of a person or creature of proximity….but once I get out of my realm, I really enjoy it. It was another day of laughs, incidents and fun without wine, that I really enjoyed. It makes me in touch with my child. We are going to go rollerskating and try and do some fun things like we did as children or teenagers……………So we get to the zoo and then they say kids are free, we cheered, until we heard that adults were forty plus. What they hecka? Dyane treated so that was super nice……..We then entered the zoo and because Dyane’s and I are both directionally challenged, to say the least, we let jac direct us the entire day. He took his job so seriously and then he took it so seriously that he did not even enjoy the animals. The entire day was quite comical. At first all of the animals were not even in their cage, or asleep. It got to the point where when we saw one shadow of an animal, we were so excited. At one point, Dyane exclaimed,”here hurry one is awake.” Anyways it was fun and we did manage to see some animals, most sleeping but we got some face exposure of the animals. ha ha. Anyways to be a half glass full person that i am, the day was a beautiful, fall day, and the kids enjoyed it and we got tons of exercise. We walked our booties off. I can handle those park for four hours and then I am ready to get the hell out…ha ha. It just so happens at that time we were at the opposite end of the exit. We had a forty five minute walk and dyane and I both had somewhat heals on (sorry dr mundes) . Our kids were afraid to go on the sky ride so we had to hike it. If you could only hear the whining and complaining. Well then a tour bus appeared and asked us if we wanted a ride to the exit free. We were sooooo happy and obliged. Well little did we know that she had two people on the tour and wanted others and that ride to the exit included another tour of the five animals we saw at the zoo. Dyane and i were so tired but laughing so hard and once again explaining how our life is like a sitcome. So an hour later we arrived at the Exit gate and everyone was thrilled. Especially the tour guide that had an empty bus.

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