Beautiful fall…….

by Amy Cubbison on November 8th, 2011

HOw many times do i have to say it but I love fall…This time of year is awesome. The smell of the air makes me feel wonderful, and brings back great memories…..I was feeling really good today and accomplishing a lot until I started realizing how many bills were due……..ugh….I miss the good life….ha ha> Reality now, at least for me. Am I repeating myself to much? I have a feeling I am..I seem to do that until I make the changes or get past something…..I have such a busy month and december that I am trying to contain myself from being overhwhelmed…It looks like I am going to cook, nurture and help the disabled a couple days a week. That way I can bring in much needed and not given (hint hint) money for the kids and I . I can also focus more on my tshirt business and entreprenuar escapades……I hope at the end of my journey I am as successful as I believe with the passion that is in my heart, and the intuition i have..just need someone to believe in me……….The other night we went to our friend Shiloh’s restaurant Today’s pizza,. I mentioned this in my last blog but what I forgot to mention was Jac and Kaylee did hoola dancing again with the band and then even managed to sing with them…It was off the charts cute. They were like a little Donny and Marie, singing “Tiny bubbles.” Priceless……….. I go along the day and my mind is very busy remembering memories, feeling nostalgic, debating about some possible opportunities or crisis. I always have these thoughts that resurface. I make a note to myself to mention them in my blog…so hopefully they have some effect on someone or in my life…..One of the thoughts is that I always felt comfortable with the finer things. . I know I was raised in what many may say was that but I always had this feeling and vision that I would have it all on my own!!!! The older I get the more I get in touch with my intuition. I see how it has guided me and served me and often I have been negligent in paying attention to it. So hopefully i can reconnect with my dreams and visions and obtain them……I even see numbers on a big check i am going to get……I feel like I am being tempted with good and evil daily now. It is tough especially because I am vulnerable…..So far I am making the right decisions for the most part but not everyone would agree…I have a team of people watching out for me, for better and or worse……I guess I matter, and that is good…….All I can say is another one of my statements I repeat constantly is every time i judge, i find myself in somewhat the same shoes….For example I use to judge girls for flirting for free drinks. I thought that was so tacky..Well hmmmm. I would not pass up a free drink now….haha…..Everyday is filled with a new humbled experience. I use to have to go to every gran opening and most charity events but now, i feel like a phony or fraud going to them. I know there will be a time again for that but the good thing is they don’t hold much importance for me anymore and when they do, it will for the philanthropic benefits to others………Can i just scream I HATE Spell check. I liked it better when i did not know I was misspelling .! UGh…I keep having to retype and retype…..ha. Need lou to turn it off……I am happy to be back at church and want to go every sunday…..I also am enjoying this group Smart Recovery which is really good about moderation and balance in my life…..I am feeling really good doing haute yoga, and my body is looking good……now just need to cut back even more on the vino………Tonight I am cooking for some guy friends and they are moving furniture and lightbulbs for me…….Somebody has been taking out my trash every week, and I have no idea who…….But thank you soooo much!!!…….The other night I met a guy who was professing how much he liked me and how much money he had, and then turned out to be married and living with her…..oh and he told me to watch out for men because they are liars and just want to get in my pants…..Hmmmm. could we call this projection……….Once again I need to not believe everything people say the first hour they meet me, let alone the first month………….Hope this made sense I have been rambling on………

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