Happy Birthday to me……

by Amy Cubbison on November 12th, 2011

What a nice birthday it is so far……I have hundreds upon hundreds of well wishes and they warm my heart. SO far my week has been awesome…..Much better than last years birthday.:( 🙂 ………..Dyane, kaylee, marina and I went to my parents for my bday dinner last night. Ernesto made roast chicken. It was delicious and very nice. My dad was not as coherent as he usually is and that makes me sad but overall the night was great. My mother had her masseuse give me a massage and it felt incredible………My friend Toni took me for a manicure pedicure yesterday and i have been taken to lunches and dinners galore. I miss the good life! ha Tonight Charlene is cooking for some of my closest friends, although I need to follow charlene’s rules……..:) ,. It and she is so worth it………Our roomie moved in. She is very sweet and a smart woman. It felt humbling but i actually think it will be nice. William is beyond upset at me, and feels that I am doing this to hurt him. He does not realize how much of a help the money will be for me and the kids. Jac has bunk beds so if and when Wills, sleeps over, he can sleep in there…….It is a tough time for WIlliam and myself. He has a lot of anger and to some extent I don’t blame him. It is just hard to defend myself without saying bad things. I Love him soooooo much. At one time, it was just he and I………….I am not sure if I blogged about this but last weekend at Jac’s soccer game, i dropped my cell phone. When i went back to get it after Jac’s game, another game was going and they told me the ref had it in his pocket. Just my luck. I had to flag a guy down to stop the game and get my phone.ha > I had to go. The ref said ,”Man she is popular.” Today my phone is making the heaven tune every five seconds…….I feel loved, just my favorite thing to give and feel…………..Kaylee told me last night Dyane and i are the best moms ever . She said this because she said most moms when their kids get hurt, the mom say’s, “You are ok.” She said Dyane and I are very sympathetic and hug and kiss them, and validate them…ha ha……..another somewhat humorous seinfeld moment happened last week. I was waiting in line at the Successful Jersey MIkes. There was a long line, and the person who worked there was trying to get the woman in line’s attention. She was oblivious and so I tapped her and pointed for her to go. Welll that did not go over real well……Oopsy…….SHe gave me a look and actually raised her hand. The rest of the customers and I chuckled as I just tapped her lightly………..guess she was having a bad day……What is a day with out me getting in some sort of pickle………..More to come later

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