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by Amy Cubbison on November 23rd, 2011

It is funny how so many lines take me back to a movie……or a song, or a commercial or a product or vica versa…The power of advertising…….Its fun except for when I date myself and I say something that the person I am with has no clue as to what i am talking about…….Today I got a call from my eldest son, a new teenager, and I was so happy to hear from him, until he asked me to take him shopping. THen I visited him and he wanted me to give him an ipod speaker set i have…..No! All he does is ask me for things….atleast pretend to be interested a little? I told him to not ask me for anything unless he spends some good quality time with me….Everyday he has a new hobby, or skill he has learned…..He is almost to smart for his own good…He is almost as tall as me, and appears to have a lot of friends, and Girl Friends……He is having fun. He got an award for his football team……….We just traded jac back to the Surf soccer. It is a better schedule and the teams are better..Jac is excited about that. Today is his first scrimmage…………Looking forward to THanksgiving tomorrow. I love it……Going to hang with the boys, then Kaylee and I are going to head to la jolla, and visit friends and end up at my parent’s house for dinner……I am happy to have the opportunity to see my dad again…..I will play more music for him………I need to start a mini cleanse next week Sunday. I can tell I gained a couple lbs in my tummy…….not nice, and does not feel good…….I keep having dreams where I am huge and then I wake up and I am so happy it was a dream…..I can tell by my dreams how my mood, hormones etc. are doing. I can tell you one thing I never miss a trick…..It is all there in my dreams all night-even when I don’t think my conscious is aware.!!!…..Sofia, emma and kaylee are here now, so we are going to try and bake something, then Kaylee and I are going to paint……..My car has been a royal pain…….I need to trade it in. That is all I need when i have real things to take care of and worry about……..Yesterday was a comical day….First off Lou, was working on my car, trying to get the battery out for me. He was so frustrated because it took so long……He kept swearing and screaming at me and my BMW…….He was so loud, that he nearly gave a ninety year old man on a walker, an almost heart attack……It was like a seinfeld episode….THen the elderly man told Lou he was worried for his life…..ha ha……Gotta love lou for how much he helps us…I have my guy friends who seem to always chip in and help me and I have been rather needy lately but……that is going to slow down a lot. I have been around needy people and I realize how unappealing it is, and that is why I keep such a plethora of friends…..so i can spread the neediness out….It is just some things are dude things………I admit I just long for someone to take care of me, because all this hard work is not so much fun.! 🙂 Got kicked out of yoga yesterday but it is not as bad as it sounds…….This yoga teacher is so anal, and gets so upset if i leave early or alter a position….I explain to her i had back surgery (Two) four months ago and I need to ease back in to it but she does not get it???? I thought yoga teachers were suppose to be zen, accepting and calm??? She is missing that part of the equation……

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