Missing my babies

by Amy Cubbison on November 23rd, 2011

When you get separated or divorced, you or I never thought how hard it would be. When they say it is the most stressful thing next to death of a family member, they meant it……I look at the past four years and the growth, mistakes, etc. I have made, and It all stemmed from the separation….but there were problems before that, I just did a good job hiding them with shopping etc……I think everyday when there is a new conflict, or i miss the family, or my kids how difficult this has been. It is especially tough when you have grown up with someone………. Last night all the kids slept at NEil’s and Kaylee wanted to stay there. It broke my heart. I need to be stronger and not get hurt because he is a great dad, and she loves him. It is just another new emotion and feeling that I need to not act on and be strong about……..uh oh lou is here gotta run to gym.

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