post bday

by Amy Cubbison on November 14th, 2011

For once my horoscope both love and regular are relative to my life……Post pardon, anti climatic bday celebrations are over and that leaves me a lil less than happy…I wish everyday was my bday…haha. Na then it would not be special……Kaylee still has a cough so we took a mommy/kaylee day to go see Jack and Jill. IT was a bit silly but cute and entertaining…….but i did not see her a lot this weekend so i was relishing in loving on her. Jac is being dropped off tonight and we are going for gluten free dinner…… I always say , Sometimes I hate being me, because my mind is always thinking and analyzing…..But in my defense I did and am recognizing self sabotaging feelings and behaviors and you know what they say;”THe first step to changing is realizing.” Damn one of these days I am going to have no fun, because I am going to only do the right thing…….ha ha. Jk……….I long for that peaceful feeling that I have had in my life, and knowing I am doing the right thing as best I can…….I want to be the best parent to my children and make up for some of the lost time, where I lost myself in the wrong thing……..and I will!!

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