Catching a cold

by Amy Cubbison on January 23rd, 2012

Uh oh I feel like I may be catching a cold….They always sort of creep up on me, when I have completely forgotten that being sick exists….Then it reminds me of the worst days I have had being sick and how much I hate it….Today all my family socializing caught up with me, and I felt run down…..I managed to work some and get myself to Haute yoga but then was pretty much spent….I enjoyed being with my babies after school, took Kaylee to gymnastics, and then spent some one on one with the William . I took him to his favorite place, Chipolte and he was really sweet. I think spending time alone is the ticket…………..My little Kaylee said some humorous things today, as usual. All the while she dressed for school, in anklet, ties, twists, jewels…..and all of her fashion flare. I love her style. William told me today that I compliment her too much. I said, “Well life will beat her down enough and she has a caring heart.” I am a proud mama……I told him I compliment them all, and my main goal is for them to believe in themselves without sacrificing natural effort………….Jac’s team won soccer on saturday although Kaylee and I never made it there until the game was over……I took a wrong turn and ran in to parts of vista that i never knew existed . There were so many streets and long roads that allowed no uturns, and me trying to be the law abiding citizen , ended up in timbuck two…(where did that come from) I guess it is time for me to learn my gps……I have had a lot of ephiphanies this week=several times I stopped myself from saying or doing the wrong thing, or something that may be misconstrued. It is refreshing and progress for me. I am starting to think what would happen if……….As I said Kaylee told me this morning that she learns so much at home from Lauren, about rock and fashion, Sandra about math, and me about caring and loving…so she is home schooled and does not have to go anymore…Ha. She is giving this home school thing and effort……….I felt tired today and then maxed out on feeling like everybody wants something from me…..Then I started feeling like I was getting a cold. that is always the indicator when I feel really stressed one day or cranky, the next day appears a cold. Cuz it does not happen a lot. There are a lot of people, I need to express my boundaries to. I always forget how good i feel when I clear the air….I read some of one of my bibles-“Codependent no more.” …..Kaylee acts like lauren is her sister sometimes. She tells her to wear her hair down and put on lipstick before we go out. ha…………..Along with my one epiphany today I kept on thinking about how many times I would blow so much money on Ruth Chris dinner’s and not even think it was that much money……I had delusions of Grandur….Damn I hope and pray that I get that chance and luxory again and I will be much different in how I spend my money and share my money………….Did i write about my father’s bday party? I am not sure…..I will read and if not write about it tomorrow………One last thing Today Jac and Kaylee had a little disagreement. I was so interested in watching these two little people work it out. I had my head turned and was smiling and Jac said to me,”Mommy what are you doing? Mind your own business.” ha ha ….I am laying in bed listening to mushy music on pandora, feeling a lot of things, and sentiment as I fall to sleep………..

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