Home in Bed

by Amy Cubbison on January 24th, 2012

So I am staying in bed for the day to hopefully get rid of my cold, before it turns it to a mean cold. I have not been sick in a while so I am trying to look at the bright side of it. (ha ah) as lou said i would probably find something good about being in a concentration camp……I do think that it is nice to lay in bed, eat soup, watch movies, and read, while I have NO Guilt, is a good thing. I mean I am not sick where you can just lay your head down on the pillow……I have been there and dont miss it………Among the recent thoughts that have been lingering in my head, are ones of total health. Not just mental but physical. I am remembering what it felt like and was like to feel and live a life of complete health. It felt great. i have picked up some of my old habbits like drinking lemon and water in the morning, and water throughout the day. I am trying to juice and do wheatgrass. I have always exercised but need to mix it up a bit, and do more weight training. I definitely see how the clock fights gravity. Lets just say i like good lighting ha ha. My breasts are fricken huge because I am pmsing. I feel like I am a double d…….I also have cut back on my evening wine, but definitely not as i had planned. I have had family and friends in town and that has put a damper on it. I just want to get back in to all healthy routines. I also want to eat tons of fruit and vegetables. I am beginning to have a love affair with vegetables again…………It is quite fun!…………I am not going to do the community service thing again as my back can’t handle it. I look forward to the community service thing because part of my past and never revisiting again………..Kaylee told me yesterday that her thermos was to grown up and she was being teased about it. My heart went out to her. I remember being teased and it was not fun. It reminded me of when I brought a huge designer white luggage to our Sixth grade camping trip and everyone had backpacks. Everyone kept on laughing at me……..One of many……….So I told Kaylee we will get her a child thermos however she is so over princesses. She is cleaning out her room as we speak and emptying everything (guess where) in to my room. She say’s she still likes it but wants it to be in my room…….Just like William did as he decided bionicles were not cool, or Jac when he got over Batman etc. ha ha……I was going to clean my room today but as I said I am going to be like Bruno Mars and do Nuttin at all…….wish he was with me doing Nuttin. ha

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