My father’s Birthday Dinner

by Amy Cubbison on January 24th, 2012

SO I looked and I did not write about my father’s BIrthday Dinner. YOu can tell I am home sick as I have time to blog…..ANyways as you know my entire nuclear family came out for my father’s birthday dinner. It was so nice to have the family in town. It just reminds me of how much I miss having them around. We really do have a great family and we really do love eachother..Anyways my mother had it catered in style as usual. Kids were invited but William blew us off as a typical teenager. Lou drove us as he is from PHilly as well as knows a lot of the same places where we all grew up. He also has a lot of family back there and my siblings enjoyed talking with him. His little girl Angelina sang as well as Kaylee. It was a beautiful night, moment, and dinner. THE fire was lit, wine was being served with delicious appetizers while Fiddler ON the Roof played. One of my father’s favorite musicals. It was a really pleasant night and I think my father really enjoyed himself. He seemed tired and had to go to be early but it was a fabulous night. When I was massaging my father’s feet, my brother David came in and Said to our dad,’Pops I love you now stick around until I come back in April for Peter’s wedding. ” Ofcourse that brought tears to my eyes………..

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