uh oh

by Amy Cubbison on January 15th, 2012

Uh oh, I made some bad choices and decisions and hurt some people yesterday. I hate the results of feeling and acting selfish…..I have a lot on my plate and my mind and running away temporary sounds appealing to me…….Just need a few down days and some more sleep as I was busy the past few days…….waking up next to kaylee was and always is amazing. I look at her sweet baby face sleeping and it makes me smile, even if my heart is not smiling that particular morning……………Today off to the gym and then lunch with parents and jac’s soccer tournament…………We did the GOlden globes show and that was fun but tiring. We left out early but accomplished a lot……….I have a busy work week…..Did I say that? and some more things to do that I have been procrastinating on………Kaylee just told me that she is going to enter a talent show, with her friend at school…..She is going to sing and dance. I hope she did not inherent Mommy’s voice….and did Daddy’s. It sounds much better than mine but we all worry about our children having the repercussions of failing. ALthough that is life teaching them the lessons the hard way. Which is what lou always say’s and many countries believe in more than we do in the us……..Lou and i have debates because we both see things very differently . I always get something out of our conversations though. Guy friends rock………I am craving simplicity and goodness in my life once again. I get there little by little but then sometimes need a lili adrenaline to remind me that I am alive. Btw my adrenaline is much more mild than others. My usually entails intense connections which when healthy are the key to living. I just need to have myself balanced and my heart and head in a good place….Kaylee and I are playing songs on Youtube. She loves Victorious. She is singing to all of the songs. I am enjoying watching her expressions all the while she sings….I did not see my babies for a few days adn that hurts my heart….I started worrying about the empty nest problem the other day and then I slowed myself down and reminded myself To Live in the moment!!!!!!

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