From feast to famon

by Amy Cubbison on February 28th, 2012

My life seems to be really good and exciting these days or a little down and out and behind some bills…ha but it only makes me appreciate the good times, and fun………Kaylee and Jac still have the little cough and sore throat…..again…We have not had terrible flus as of late, thanks to the flu shot but definitely little minor sicknesses to miss a day here and there……Anyways we have been home and snuggling in between, Netflix movies, watching Fashion on line from Oscars, and reading. (me not k) . I also am paying some bills, and doing some work ie;blog…….So I guess the BIG news around here is that Charlene and I went to the OScar gifting suite…It has been a while, and I forgot how fun, stimulating and exhausting the shows are…..When we first use to go, i use to get so excited at any star from a to d…ha Now some we don’t even care if they walk by without stopping. It is always nice because so many stars remember us and tell us stories about when they have worn the shirts……I guess some of the twilight stars were the biggest, and an actress in “THe Artist.” and ofcourse Slash, although I did not know what band he was with…in fact I stuck my foot in my mouth a few times that day but so what else is new…..I don’t know tons of the tv stars on very popular shows because all I watch is Disney and the Food Network these days…I am starting to tivo again, and appreciating staying in and watching and getting in to some good shows….Anyways after the initial show, there was a tribute and fundraiser hosted by Larry King….It was sort of stuffy, and looked like a bunch of red bad prom dresses…..He is a very interesting man but after the show Charlene and I were craving a big old steak from our favorite THe Palm. Our friend Jonathan runs it and he always treats us so nice….NOt to mention that night George Clooney and Anderson Cooper were there…….SO believe this or not but we got invited To Chris Brown and Eddie Murphy’s pre oscar party and after dinner, the show and some good wine, I was too tired…..I passed ha ha…but we met some great contacts for business and pleasure and a LOT of really nice, creative people……..So it was a success………..Missed my babies so came back home and spent sunday with them taking them to lunch and the movie, “Aretty,” Hmm….well I knew something was up when the voice dubbings said crazy things that our children’s movies don’t say. For example ” DId Auntie drink to much Sherri again?” or the mom goes absolutely crazy in the movie.’ It is just funny to notice the difference in what is politically correct in cartoons in various countries . IT had a nice message and was based on ” The Borrowers, ” which I remember as a child……….Lately my kids keep bringing up little, jokes, songs and dances that I remember as a child. Want to freak your child out? Just Finish the song before they do….ha ha…….Reading an amazing romantic book,’ Water for Elephants.” It is nice to read an entire book again…as i use to many moons ago..Now my books are all about raising kids, or self help….Thanks Lou, and I will give you your cd’s back february 2012 when I finish them……ha……..So much for the rainy day the sun is coming out now….I don’t like when that happens when I am happy being home and lazy and then wham, it is sunny and nice outside, and I feel more guilty…….I worked with a new client yesterday whom is disabled. It was nice to meet him and a rewarding experience. It is challenging to talk and understand him but reminds me of my father and who would have thought I can use the sign language my sister taught me many years ago…..That just shows how important it is to teach children things, tell them about our childhoods, and tell them stories………..I have been having some more mother guilt this week…firstly about their lunches, which between you and I , I hate packing!!! They don’t want hot lunch anymore . I take them grocery shopping each week to pick stuff for their lunches only to have them all get tired, sick and complain of each item each day…….Any suggestions? Kaylee said her friends get a variety of different things in their lunch everyday….ugh!! I have even delivered pizza to the school for them .gluten free….Jac is especially difficult since he has Celiac’s disease and the food he can eat is few and far between……I am not sure if I am just really lazy in this lunch issue or this is common……THe other area is Kaylee’s homework…..we have not been on top of it and it is especially hard because her back pack gets left and Neils apartment or my home..We need to get serious as well as get two homework packets…..I keep thinking Kaylee is still little but I can see when she misses some assignments it bothers her…..She did homework on Sunday with Dyane and Marina and she was so proud of herself………..SO I think I am going to do what Dyane does and do most of the weeks homework on Sunday eve…..Dyane is so structured in how she is with Marina. It is nice and I envy it….but again one child is a little easier than three………A lot of long time friends from my life are popping in my life, and It is really nice and refreshing…The life long friends time can pass, and it never feels like it….Speaking of went to Hadley’s oscar party the other night. SHe is one of my longest-she rescued me at La JOlla high at fifteen being all preppy from the east coast….ha ha. She is an amazing brilliant person and friend. She has always worked so hard all of her life, and been successful at each job…She worked for MGm in production for a long time…anyways I am being like Rosanna rosanna danna now…….The kids and I painted last night and it felt so nice. Kaylee kept saying how relaxing it was to her……MY little Precocious old soul……So we are going to do more of that today…………This weekend we are going to clean and organize our garage…….don’t freak out…..So i will be donating a lot of things to St Vincent De Paul…….Friday night invited to a Sex in the City party for the ladies with cosmos, friends and some little toys…..ha ha. Should be fun……………Ta ta

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