by Amy Cubbison on February 23rd, 2012

Good morning………I woke up very well rested, since going back to my health routine, no wine and bed at nine…Was out of town and burning candle at both ends, then some friends were in town. I joined Haute yoga yesterday, which I am very excited about. I love to sweat out the toxins, and I am doing to yoga core, and getting back in to abs and weight training, since we all know what happens to muscle as we age………I feel a tad grumpy this morning which I can probably attribute to pms….. Kaylee had a jogathon the other day at school, and other then being very disappointed in having to wear boring white, now her cute lil legs are sore….She ran seven times around track….How awesome is that? I remember being little and doing the Presidential and having to jog quarter of mile in hot sun, and I felt like I could not breath and was going to pass out..ha ha. I was sort of lazy until teens when I realized body and being fit was important…however I always was tumbling and gymnastiking (made up word)……………I got boy crazy around elleven, nah….more like four. ha ha. That always got in the way of school work and other priorities…..I remember the time Jean, my longest friend, and I were at tennis camp and I crushed on one of the counselors Buddy. ha. and then we asked my dad for money and at ten or elleven jean and I took a cab. He worked at The pancake house in Berwyn, that my parents owned the land of. We brought him four packs of Bubble yum. (which by the way was the best invention ever to me, for a long time.and hubba bubba.) Then Jean and I ordered the kitchen sink, which was thirty one scoops of ice cream. We were sick as dogs and regretted that for weeks on end…..ha ha…..Today I am working with some clients , and doing some leaveMeB stuff. My roomie sandra bought a cute convertible car and so she is picking up Kaylee and Jac in it today and taking them for ice cream. They are so excited..I remember my convertible days very well and miss them………once again soon, and a little beach cottage where I can see the ocean and walk to the beach……Two words Dream Board…..We never finished that. I need to get better at some follow through……..A friend and i went our separate ways, which is always sad. Over my life that probably five or six friends out of tons, I am no longer in contact with, it was for the better…..I care and miss each of them in some ways but sometimes friendships get to a non healthy point or are never healthy to begin with…..But with every end, there is a new beginning and lessons to be learned…………..I live sort of in my love child bubble where I want the world and people to always be loving and accepting of me and others even if sometimes our actions, or my actions are not up to par……………I am going to sign up for grad school in march or april….I am excited about that….I am looking forward to going back east to see my family soon, as well as my brother Peter’s and Marcellite’s wedding in April….Love weddings and happy occasions………Last night Kaylee told me to listen to a song that she found very inspirational, and inspiring, just like I enjoy……I said where did you learn that word at seven years old?? She replied,” Not sure but my bff Marina…asked me the same thing and said I had a great vocabulary.” ………….My mother has been being very sweet and supportive, which is always nice…Miss my father but seeing them for dinner tomorrow night. Going to la saturday for the Oscar giveaway and looking forward to it. Have not been to a show in a while…..It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I had some spring fever which leads to summer fever for me….I was thinking I missed out on spring fever and summer last year because I still had recovery from my accident, two back surgeries, my heartache, etc…so it is nice to feel healed in all ways and have a lot to look forward to…………I also had a great time with William yesterday. We went to lunch and had the greatest conversations. I love him so much and miss him. He confided in me a lot and we laughed as well. I love that he trusts me to come and ask me things…….He loves my hair .ha ha. I am having fun with it…..a nice spice it up thing…Today I am getting some highlights in it..:) for la…….I apologized to William yesterday for separating and hurting him, as well as making some selfish decisions along the way…..He accepted and it was a very nice moment……It filled my cupith………..I was telling kaylee about something yesterday and she said,’Sounds like you need your cup filled?” ……….can i kiss and squeeze her enough…….and my little jac soccer champ, is so cute as well…..HE had the stomach flu the other day and i had to scratch his back until he fell asleep………Then in the morning because he got to stay home, Kaylee all of the sudden had a sore throat again…I need to video tape my kids one morning…It is hilarious…..They are going to get an Emmy..but mama is catching on..The pushover mama………Oh and Kaylee got caught doing something that we all try and do at an early age…She had to apologize to her friend and when it came time to she suddenly had larangitis and could not speak, so she asked me to apologize for her……:) xo…On to my day……..

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