BIrds Chirping

by Amy Cubbison on March 9th, 2012

Woke up to the birds chirping this morning. That is always a sure sign of spring, to me. I Love it! I also woke up a lil more sentimental, missing some, this morning so playing sappy, dorky music…….as you may know I love to listen to sappy LIonel Richie “my love” ..It brings me back memories and makes me feel good and connected, although my friends say it makes them want to cut a vein………….hmmm. maybe not the best party music…….NExt time I go to the jukebox at Bestawan, I bet I will have blockers.ha ha…………I am really feeling spring fever. I love it so much. That in itself brings me back many happy memories. I think due to my crappy last year winter, spring and summer, I am ready to feel good and enjoy it all this year, of course with balance………I signed up for Grad school in may, part time at National university. I am enjoying my little jobs right now. I really am liking working for my brother. I like getting dressed , learning and stimulating my mind. I forgot how I have a passion for marketing and always have. I am also enjoying working with the mentally challenged although i am not on a regular schedule, and then LeaveMeB tees, which seems to be picking up again…The best thing is I can work around my kids school, and make it to the gym!! Just gotta continue to get better at impulse spending. My gosh the price of gas is killing me and all of us! I know the people at the local gas station so well, that they call me Sunshine! ha……Not so sunshine today. 🙂 But I will be……Going to work for a few hours, then Haute yoga, and getting the kids…….I felt bad last night I was somewhat distracted and not in the moment, as I want and like to be………I also discovered I am not the most patient teacher. I was teaching Kaylee to ride a two wheeler and I found myself sort of getting frustrated and sort of yelling….I was sort of uncomfortable in my high heels doing this..ha ha…….as I said I am liking getting somewhat dressed up for work. now I can wear some of my fifty million outfits……….I know I am going to write something that has a backlash but it is true and funny. YOu know me I never mind making fun of myself. Well the other day when I was in Peter’s office, I was thinking,’Wow so this would be what it feels like to work day in and day out, with the same people?” It was a little epiphany, and I am only there for a few hours a week………I am not sure I can even explain in words how ironic and funny that thought was . It has just been a long time since I have been raising kids for thirteen years…….SPeaking of thirteen, well Wills is so in to skate boarding. He shows me tricks a lot. It is really cute. He stayed over the other night and it was really nice to have him. He hung out with my friends and I. He was contributing a lot. He certainly is in to clothes these days, and I remember when I could not get him to change to save my life. Oops tmi…….that was a long time ago…….anyways I think things are getting better……………..Had a funny event about my missing sunglasses. I went to haute yoga and came out and my sunglasses were missing. Later that day my friend Laura came over and told me how she by accidentally took someone’s sunglasses at yoga. ……you guessed it. THey were mine! ha ha . what a coincidence……..There have been a lot of coincidences these days….For example the other night my friend was on a date. I asked her with whom, and I knew the guy. He was married to my friends a few years back………….I have been too open about some details of my personal life, and now I am regretting it. I always think I am being a fake if I don’t show the good, the bad, and the ugly. But once again the world is not like me, and is a judgemental place..Gotta continue to work on that one……….

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