Happy Monday

by Amy Cubbison on March 5th, 2012

Today was a really nice day….I did not have to work and I just sort of leisured around. I woke up very stiff and sore from my class yesterday . My lower back was hurting a lot so instead of the gym, I gave myself a day off, and used my Massage envy credit. The woman was awesome and did thai stretches with me, and dug deep…I felt a million times better afterwards. Then I went and had my juices and met melanie for lunch. So got the girlfriend Connection today. 🙂 Afterwards I visited my friend who has the flu, and brought some good ol Gingerale…Then picked up kaylee for gymnastics, watched her. We then came home I made a very healthy dinner, and we are going to take a bath and watch “The Bachelor.’ …It is funny as I am writing this I am boring myself. In fact I read my last few blog entries I almost fell asleep….ha ha. It is tough sometimes because I am trying to be a lil more private, certain friends forbid me from mentioning them, and I don;t want to hurt or cause extra drama because It finds me enough. hah. Yes I do like some drama but what I like more than that is feeling deeply and connecting …It keeps me feeling alive……….Little Kaylee did her first oral presentation today……she did it on her role model Cece from Step in Up , show on Disney. She wrote it all by herself and she did a phenomenal, job. She wrote all by herself that that Cece inspires her to want to be better at reading, and fashion. It was nice to see Kaylee feeling so good about herself……..Watching Kaylee at gymnastics is awesome. She is a natural and I wish I could bend and flip like i use to…..Up until my back surgery, I could do a cartwheel in high heels still……….Lou is gone for the week so it will be quiet on the home front. I can also cook some ready made things. haha…….Some drama happened today with some friends and I tried to do the correct thing but the messenger always gets a little injured….The nice thing is I have this growing self esteem, that i keep recognizing and talking about. It feels amazing. I can look at my part in anything, be open for feedback. dismiss what is not my part, communicate and then have peace…..I am realizing what it feels like to believe in myself…..I need to write a song like Mary J. Blige, or Whitney Houston, “The greatest love of all.”………Oh and I am eating so healthy, and craving to feel total health again. Getting a lil obsessive with it but hey I use to be crazy healthy, and clean cut for much of my life…….again Balance………..I also am listening to talk radio more, and loving it……..Plus it helps or doesn’t help having my politically obsessed conservative neighbor give me speeches daily……but sometimes I have to admit he does teach me a lot or light a fire in me………YEsterday he was telling me about how the government is taking social security out of his paycheck to pay others but when he needs it , it will be gone…….Ugh …..along this journey of self growth, I sometimes miss my 24 hour rose color glasses…….

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