Spring Forward

by Amy Cubbison on March 11th, 2012

I love when the clocks go forward. It brings me back to when i was a child, and that meant play after dinner. Now from this day forth is it is going to mean, I will be doing a lot of bike riding with kaylee. She learned to ride a two wheeler yesterday. Neil taught her. It was really cute. She was so proud of herself. Jac say’s to Kaylee,’Well now you walk, talk, swim and ride a two wheeler so that is it for life.’ Ha ha…Yea, that is it for life on learning new things…….Ignorance is bliss…….Kaylee and I went to Dyane and Chris’s last night. Chris made a delicious fish dinner. I am really getting in to getting healthy. I feel better, and look better, and remember this feeling well…..I need to buy a juicer so I have more crap in my cabinets or on my counters…..ha . We watched the movie with Charlize Theron in it. Where she peaked in high school and has the attitude that everyone should bow down to her, all of her life. It is very dark, and sort of scary but entertaining. And of course some dark shadows that I can take something from and learn from it………….Going to haute yoga, then parents for lunch, then guess….Bike Ride..:) Later on I am going to have adult time and meet my brother in del mar on this beautiful day/eve……My night time life is wild, and I mean in my dreams. Wild in many ways but also I keep dreaming about these fabulous things happening in my life. Then I wake up to them not being true. For example someone leaving me tons of money, or Someone throwing me the most off the charts birthday party, with a circus and float show….ha ha My mom said,’ Glad your aspirations are so minor……….Kaylee has invited what she claims is some of her very good friends to come over and watch Kaylee ride her bike. Last night Kaylee got all dressed up in boots, dress, and lipgloss to go to Marina’s. Then Marina dressed up matching her. They looked so cute. Like to little go go girls…….Missing my Dad alot so looking forward to seeing him today as well as my mother. ……Two things to close with. Yesterday Blackbird came on the radio. It reminded me of a common friend’s funeral years back. It reminded me of the funeral because a long time la jolla friend sang this at the funeral. It really touched me so I reached out and told this person. This reminded me how special and important it is to clarify, or tell someone how they impacted our lives in some way…………and lastly another simple lesson learned late in life from moi but steps ……..I finally am taking my time when I open a package or box, so I dont just rip through it, as I use to do. NOt sure where I picked that up but probably from sheer excitement of opening gifts…..ha ha

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