Waking up happy…

by Amy Cubbison on March 2nd, 2012

I usually wake up happy and rested now that my kids are older….ha but I woke up especially happy this morning…..I think I can attribute it to many things. I hate to admit it but I think my mother cutting me off to teach me about money and for me to finally Grow up, was a great lesson….I have a true appreciation for the value of a dollar more than I ever have. I also feel good about myself doing my different little jobs to pay the bills. I have a sense of my self that i have not been familiar with. Anyways I have good balance in my life, and I do not have one person close to me, at this time, that I do not trust completely. TO me I am just learning that I deserve to stand up for myself, ask for what I want, and to be treated nicely by others-guys, and friends….:) So elementary but by George I finally got it! ha. Okay that was dorky……I am also enjoying my children immensely. I am cherishing Kaylee and jac while they are still little. William and I are doing much better but I do not envy watching him go through the difficult teens…….That is a tough time……………..Yesterday I took Kaylee and Jac grocery shopping . They got their little carts and it was utter chaos. Trying to keep them from blocking the isles and not loading five million things in their cart, not to mention follow me……I am sure the entire store noticed us. Then last night Cubby’s Kitchen was open last night. I had friends w kids stopping by all over the place…then Lou, Amy, Marsha, and all of our kids stayed for dinner. I have been eating much less and much healthier this week. I keep looking at my wine belly or muffin top and not feeling it is so cute anymore….again my winter storage. But time to say bye bye….I am excited about stepping up my training and doing a lot of weights and resistance though..anyways I am made salmon, rice, broccoli, spinach and Amy brought a raw salad. It was delish and so healthy. THe kids came back two and three times. It made me smile……and they did not manage to trash my house that much….for a change. I always dread looking that night or the next day at what damage has been done around the house….but let them be creative……Jac is still a little sick. I am going to take him to the doctors. I get worried about him. Last night he wanted to go to his dads to sleep but he was afraid to hurt my feelings. HE was crying….It was so sweet and cute but I assured him until his room is back, I understand…….soon one roomate….although I have had fun, and it has been a hilarious and enriching experience………………more to share but gotta run for now…….

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