by Amy Cubbison on April 4th, 2012

Two days ago I was baking brownies and my neighbors little girl (5) was over. She asked,’Whatcha making?” I replied,”Brownies.” She said,’Did you know that you are invited to my birthday party May 21st?” I said,’NO great.’ Then she said just as I suspected she would, ‘Since you are coming to my birthday, can I have a couple brownies?” ha ha LOve it!
I am feeling much better than i was yesterday. I did not eat one thing, or move from my bed yesterday. I felt so bad that I did not even have on the tv, or music all day. It reminded me of when I was pregnant (not!)
It was nice however, to be introspective for a day. Today we are going on a bike ride and then to the pool . I am trying to count my blessings and one of them is having a nice heated pool, so there is always something for the kids to do, on breaks. That, a trampoline and an imagination…..what more could a kid ask for? Ha ha. Trust me, my kids ask for a lot…The problem and not so much of a problem, is I have to say no often now…..
Kaylee missed her daddy today and wanted to go over there, for an hour. I have to admit, i was a little hurt and showed her. I just feel like since I have been sick and in bed, they are bored with me. That is again where I need to put my feelings aside and just accept and act appropriate. I do see how the changing of houses, and sharing, causes some sadness, on everyone’s part…………This weekend we have a super Fun Easter planned. Peter’s fiances parents are planning a big Easter Egg hunt, at their home-followed by a huge brunch. Her mother is a fabulous cook.. Then we are going to a friends later that day……Then off to vacation!! My friends and family are booking me tight…..Will be fun…….oh and by the way One roommate down and it is blissfully, and heavenly………..I never thought I would crave quite time so much. It is really nice for all…………

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