Happy Birthday Kaylee!!!

by Amy Cubbison on May 14th, 2012

Kaylee turned eight yesterday. I can’t believe it….She told me she wanted to sleep in on her birthday and not to do anything strenuous….ha ha. Apple doesn’t fall far….She also celebrates a week long, like a jewish holiday. :)…We had a no frill celebrations saturday night. I had bare to none decorations . The kids had a blast jumping on the trampoline. That was the best money ever spent..Kaylee seemed happy. She wants a computer so she can play her addicted game pixieland or something like that. I need to find a used, cheap one for her. Jac and kaylee have been fighting a bit now, and even a few slaps here and there. Uh oh………William and I are doing well. He really confides in me and that means a lot to me. He has so much going for him, I hope he channels it in the right direction. ………..The other day, Lou told me he and Angelina were going to a birthday party at the pool. I assumed it was MOlly’s birthday party that I forgot about so…….We went there. After making ourselves at home I went up to Molly’s mother, Kimberly and apologized for not having a gift. She said no problem her birthday is not until next weekend. OOpsy well then who’s birthday party were we at?? It turns out the neighbor jOe’s birthday party for his daughter……Uh oh. I did it again. He was cool, and we all had a big laugh about it……Life is pretty good for me. NEil and I are getting along great, and that is important for our children. We spent mother’s day together. I am working for PEter and enjoying it, while still plugging away at my tshirt business. My brother David, at PEter’s wedding told me I need to lose a few lbs. in a not nice way. That was hurtful but enough to motivate me for summer. Btw I was looking at old pictures and damn I had the best body a few years back…..So needless to say I am motivated for summer. I am keeping my house really clean, and nice. Fixing it up here and there, and appreciating that I have this cute home for my children and myself..Gratitude. I am also doing a lot of things to help my insides. Getting off facebook was a good move for me. I am taking that time to listen and read good books on self improvement. Mainly BUddhism type things to take me away from ego, and Co dependency things, which helps me to love in a healthy way, and stay focused on what I need to do and change to be the best person I can be……My father seems down lately and it hurts to see him like that. I massaged his feet last night and read him a book william made him on how My father is his hero. It brought smiles to my father’s Face………So many of my friends are losing their parents and it is a scary time in our lives. You can look at it in different ways but the bottom line is, this is the prime of our lives. We need to balance, making and keeping ourselves happy, while taking a high role in our children’s lives and future. Kids need to see parents taking care of themselves, and having healthy good relationships……I have a plethora of great friends and healthy relationships now, and it feels great. I don’t have friends that I don’t trust and that I can’t stand up for myself with. Sounds cliche but I am developing the sense of confidence in my self, that I have never known. I see progress daily…..Yesterday we went to church and it was all about being non judgemental to those around us, and just knowing and accepting that everyone is GOd’s child and deserves love and AGAIN that we don’t know until we are in that person’s shoes…Amen!!!

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