I am alive and well…….

by Amy Cubbison on May 3rd, 2012

Hi there,
I have not totally quit my blog but I am rethinking how I am going to be more private, and respected, without completely closing my blog…..I closed my Facebook account and I can’t believe how it has been such a growing, enriching experience..I feel so much less exposed, and I am looking inward for what I need. I thought I would have some kind of withdraw and I don’t at all. So I thank the people that helped me to get to this place and space…..I am going to mainly document my children and their festivities and funny comments in this blog….It probably will not be as funny, or as shocking but……I will be preserving my children’s memories for when they are older, and I will being more respectful to myself and others…….Today kept Kaylee home as we are having a girl day, and hanging out with Nicole, as she packs. A good friend of ours is moving to New York. She has been staying with us. Nicole is packing oustide in the garage, and we are all having lunch on the ground. The sun is starting to peer out from behind the clouds, and it feels heavenly. I am feeling better as I rested well last night. I have had the most emotional, fun, touching, week. I went to wedding festivities, my brother’s wedding, my friend Maica’s ex husbands funeral, had a going away party for nicole, and had family in town…That is aside from doing my normal activities, or responsibilities . Today I am doing them while I watch nicole pack. I am a good friend in many ways but please don’t ask me to pack for you or with you. I can’t stand to do it for myself…But I will entertain you while you are doing it……Speaking of I just found one of my hundred journals from my life. I did write these privately by the way…….I was reading them to nicole, and Kaylee and we were cracking up. They were ofcourse emotional but touching, sweet, and hilarious………For example I had prayers to God about not gossiping and being materialistic and then on the next page I had a list of things I wanted to buy………It brought up a lot of memories and things from my past…It was like a little journey in to my childhood……So next week Dyane, and I and some other friends are going to have a diary reading happy hour…………Terra….

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