Steam Train

by Amy Cubbison on May 16th, 2012

We arewatching Disney channel and the show Steam Train, is on. The show always make me smile because the girl who is in captain outfit is so pretty with a great body and I am wondering when the kids will realize that….sort of an odd thought but its funny to see adults doing kid shows, when you know they have an adult life out of it………….Today I have to get two cavities filled….Lovely, although they are starting to bother me so I will be happier when they are finished. …..I forgot to mention the other day more about Mother’s day. I had six kids sleep over, and in the morning, they all brought me up a tray with stale coffee :), crackers, and roses from the garden. They also had cards and gifts on it. It was so beautiful and sweet. It warmed my heart. Maybe I did mention it but it is worthy of two mentions. Also the prior night they made me go to my room, because they were surprising me. They said they cleaned until late. I came down in the morning expecting a nice clean kitchen and outside,and umm well let’s just say they get an A for effort. I really am not sure what they were cleaning, but it was not my house. haha. THen when I went in the laundry room, where they did laundry and that was another interesting attempt…….The clothes were mixed and half dry and gray………Oh well it is the thought that counts, and the thought was precious………..Gotta get up now, I reminded Kaylee of when she use to tell me the messy elf , messed up her room, and she laughed and said,’ I can’t believe you use to believe or buy that?” ha ha.

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